I am not a very patient person. My mind runs a mile a second always thinking of the next thing to do and if I'm forgetting anything. This makes me a very impatient person. A lot of people have commented on this, even my own parents. My impatience has landed me in hot waters a couple of times. Yet, I do not learn. I continue with my unhealthy ways and it's causing my personal life problems. I didn't know what to do so I turned to the internet for advice. And what I discovered truly helped my predicament. And so now I'm imparting it to you.Do you want to learn more? Visit butterfly ring.










I read that if you want to change a bad habit, it's good practice to have something tangible that you want to achieve. In my case for my impatience, I started wearing what I call my patience ring in the form of a butterfly ring. I wear it all the time and every time I catch myself getting agitated or about to blow up, I would glance down at my hand, see the butterfly ring and be reminded to practice patience. The ring itself isn't anything special but it is a beautiful one to look at. It has turquoise stones embellishments on its wings and the bad is slim and made from silver. I chose one that isn't too big since I'm going to have to wear it all the time.

For the most part, the butterfly ring has helped me to be more patient in my daily life. Even when I'm not in a situation where I should practice patience, every time I look down on the ring, I am reminded to be patient. This daily reminder has helped reprogram my mind as to how I should act and it's been quite effective so far.


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