So why are butterfly rings so appealing? Well, from the name itself I'm sure you can guess why. Butterflies have been known to symbolize purity, beauty, and delicateness; also words that are used to describe traditional ideas of what girls should be. Wearing a gorgeous butterfly ring on your hand is just a subtle way of saying you are a person who appreciates beauty in all the little things, that you aspire to live as pure a life as possible, and that being delicate shouldn't be something perceived to be negative.

These butterfly rings, without a doubt, are wholly targeted towards girls and women, although guys are very much welcome to wear them as well. Butterflies can symbolize a lot of things, including the idea of something, or something, flitting around from one flower to the next, not a care in the world. Many people see themselves in these small and beautiful insects. Butterfly rings are just one way of expressing their inner self for the world to see.


Butterfly rings are likely to stay on trend at least for the next year or two and while they're here, we might as well enjoy it for what it is, a beautiful ornamental piece many people find meaning in.


There is a new trend on the rise and it's dominating the world of accessories. I'm talking of course about butterfly rings. These cute and girly hand accessories are the latest craze and influencers are quick to jump on this trend. There are now different varieties of these rings available in online shops. There are small and simple ones, there are also huge and intricately decorated ones studded with precious and semi-precious stones. The number of times butterfly rings are posted on social media platforms, it's safe to say that butterfly rings are here to least at the moment.

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